Hey Everyone,


My name is Tiffany and I am the owner and CEO of Waistless Summer! 

My journey to snap back began after I gave birth to my first baby girl in 2014. I thought that my body would automatically snap back to pre-pregnancy and boy was I wrong. I was able to drop a little weight, but I was never able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Two and a half years later I get the news that I was pregnant with twin girls! Yes, I said TWINS! I was in total shock and new I would never get back to that pre-pregnancy figure. I lost a little weight after the twins, but this time my weight fluctuated up and down! 

Finally, I threw in the towel, got myself a gym membership and committed to working out a few times a week. I stayed on course, dropped a few pounds, but I was still not getting the results I hoped for. 3 years later… pregnant again with baby girl number four. Yes, I have all PRINCESSES lol. This pregnancy I was determined to workout throughout my pregnancy! Yeah right, who was I kidding? My doctor even told me that I was getting older and I definitely needed to do a better job of eating healthier this pregnancy. He said that the older I got the more chance I had for the weight to stick on me. Did I listen…Nope, I definitely took eating for two literal. 

In April of 2020 I gave birth and I was determined to lose my weight! I started waist training, once my doctor gave me permission, and when I tell you my life and BODY have changed for the best. I have lost more weight this time, than any other time and it’s all thanks to this waist trainer. I’ve been a believer ever since. I have dropped more weight than ever and in a short period of time with this waist trainer. Yes, I do workout but I also wear it around my house or just during normal activity. BELIEVE me the results are REAL. I have never felt more happy and confident as a person and mother of 4. 

On the way to getting my results I decided to create a brand of products that have helped me in my journey to a healthier, better me. You have to try our trainers and why not look great while doing it! All of my trainers for women provide excellent back support and targets the waist, stomach, and back. Our men’s trainer gives great back support and targets the entire torso area, back and chest area. Our women's apparel is stretchy and made to give that sleek snatched look. If you are looking to make a change... look no further! 

Waistless Summer has the answer no matter what season! Start your story to a Waistless Summer today!