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Waistless Summer

MIDI Trainer Short Shorts

MIDI Trainer Short Shorts

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These super stretchy shorts were made to snatch you and keep you comfortable all at the same time! 
Has three rows of hooks to adjust for maximum snatchness!!! 


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Customer Reviews

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Super fast delivery and high quality garments. Will for sure order again.

Baby Adore
Summertime Fine!

These shorts should just say "BUY ME” in the description. Lol

They feel amazing! For reference I’m a size 10-12 (Large) and weight a whopping 170 pounds 😩 and I ordered a size down a (medium) I was nervous at first because these hips, thighs and ass don’t lie but these shorts helped me lie to my man because I told him that I’m a size medium when I know damn well that I’m usually a large. 😂

Oh well, what woman doesn’t like to lie about her weight sometimes? Lol

The material is nice and breathable. My stomach did not feel like it was being pushed to my backbone and I love that and at this affordable price point, you just can’t go wrong! I look good and I’m ready to feel like the summer….HOT!!